History of over 160 years since the foundation
It is our origin, the fermentation

Origin of Marukome

(maru) represents the plump round soybean.
Kome is the soft rice koji

These essential ingredients of miso are the basis of our company's name "Marukome".

Miso is an essential seasoning in Japanese cuisine. It has been used for more than 1300 years.
Miso made of highly nutritious fermented soybeans is a source of joy that supports our health, and has greatly affects the longevity of the Japanese people.
It is said that Shinshu miso was introduced throughout Japan during the Sengoku period as "Kawanakajima Tamari" which was produced by Shingen Takeda as a military provision.
The use of miso spread widely during this period, and has continued to support the Japanese people as a food product that contributes to a strong and healthy body.
Marukome has deep respect for miso, the fermentation process, rice koji, and soybeans.
We hope to bring smiles to everyone sitting down for a meal, and to provide energy for daily life.