About Marukome

In 1854, a miso master, named Aoki, established a company in hopes to share his love and the beauty of this traditional Japanese food to others. Over the next 160 years, his family continues to devote themselves to this art and furthers Master Aoki’s legacy.

Today, Marukome is still providing consumers with miso and other fermented products. As a result of constant pursuit of new ideas, production methods, and innovation, Marukome has now become Japan’s No.1 Miso Company.

Our Mascot: Marukome Boy

Marukome-kun was born around 1955 and has gradually changed to respond to the times. This character derives from the fact that in ancient times, miso making was one of the trainings for young monks in Japanese temple.

Marukome-kun has been loved and recognized as the face of Marukome for long time. He has been motivated to spread "Miso" and "Japanese fermented foods" through his interesting activities. You may be surprised to know that recently he collaborated with a rock band and even made his debut as a DJ.