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"RYOTEI-NO-AJI"Brand Story

Challenging the new genre of miso, "Miso with Dashi Stock". A result of much consideration about consumer life.

It all started when a customer said, "Miso soup doesn’t taste good ".

"Miso soup made with Marukome miso doesn't taste good..."
We started developing this new genre of miso when we received a written complaint. When we looked into the case, we found that the person was making miso soup without dashi stock.
More women were working at the time, and many customers were working couples. We heard many customers say, "It's a lot of work to make dashi stock." We thought, by "answering those comments would create value that would help our customers." We determined that unless miso was easy to use and delicious, it would not be supported by our customers. So we started the "Miso with Dashi Stock Project" in 1981.

Isn't it wrong to add dashi stock to the miso?
After various hardships, we could successfully mass produce miso with dashi stock.

This is how the project started, but everything did not go smoothly. The flavor of dashi stock could not be achieved simply adding bonito dashi or konbu dashi to kuradashi miso (miso taken out from aging tank). The reason was that the enzymes in the miso broke down the umami flavor of the dashi stock. We had to heat the miso to suppress its enzymatic activity.

Miso is extremely sensitive to heat, and if it is heated for a long time, it loses its delicious flavor. Since miso has poor thermal conductivity, it is hard to warm up and cool down.
We worked with the equipment manufacturer to develop a system that would rapidly heat and rapidly cool the miso. There were various obstacles, such as the miso clogging the machine or discharged too quickly without cooling sufficiently. We overcame these hardships and completed the "Marukome Cooking System". We adopted a square cup container that was easy to use and could be neatly stored in the refrigerator. There were no machines that could fill miso into cups at the time, so we developed a high-speed filling machine with the equipment manufacturer.

A system for mass-production of miso with dashi stock was established with these technological innovations. We released "Ryotei no Aji" with dashi stock in 1982.

Many people in the company opposed this miso with dashi stock saying, "Isn't it wrong to add dashi stock to the miso?" However, we received overwhelming support from our customers, and within six months, orders for miso with dashi stock were pouring in. We gave up our holidays to continue production, and increased our miso with dashi stock line to keep up with production demand.

"RYOTEI-NO-AJI"Brand Movie

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