Over 160 years of history.
Our origin began with fermentation.

Origin of Marukome

Maru, meaning round, represents the round, plump soybeans.
Kome, meaning rice, represents the soft, fermented rice Koji.

These two essential ingredients for making miso are the basis of our company name, “Marukome”.

“Miso, an essential component in Japanese cuisine, has been used for over 1,300 years.
It is made up of highly nutritious fermented soybeans and is believed to be the source of joy that nurtures our health and provides us with longevity.
The use of miso has continued to support the Japanese people as a food product that contributes to a strong and healthy body.
Marukome deeply values not only miso but also the fermentation process, rice Koji and soybeans.
To everyone sitting down for a meal, we hope to bring you joy and make you smile while providing energy for your everyday life.