The warmness of Japanese
to the world.

Corporate Message

For instance, around a miso soup,
There appears gentleness to wish family health
And peaceful mind to ease fatigued soul.
The bonds of parents and children,the time of emotional communications,
Broad smiles of everyone.
Yes, inside Japan's fermented foods,
The warmness cultivated in long times
Still stays steady not only for satisfying one's stomach.
It is there to be inherited to the future.
Once, miso was a necessity of life,
Now, it should play a role more essential in one's life.
Delivering to everyone in the world,
Joy in daily life, the source of power to live.
That's our mission as a producer of Japan's proud fermented food.
Fermentation is new energy toward future.
Believing this potency, Marukome continues to move forward.

Corporate Philosophy

Contribute to healthy life-styles of consumers in the world through Japan's ancient fermentation technology

Management Vision

We will become a company in which every employees can think and act by themselves with client-centered mind.
We will become a company in which every employees can always challenge.
And we will create innovative benefits which lead to the future while inheriting Japan's ancient food culture.